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Total Life Makeover Online Healing School

Please contact me to sign up to a LIFE CHANGING EXPERIENCE. This is a spirit guided mission that we received thru visions during meditation years ago. To put together a comprehensive online school/academy, training course taking you step by step to work on and shift many areas in your life. Receive high level guidance, coaching, support, training in these areas below:

Inner Child and Inner Baby Healing

Womb Healing

Clearing Negative Energies and Attachments

Healing Ancestral Lineage

Healing from Sexual Trauma

Cutting Negative Energetic cords

Balancing Chakras and learning about them

Healing from Poverty Conscious and Money Traumas

Improving romantic relationships or preparing for one

Improving family relationships or clearing energy

Learn how to use pendulum the right way to get info from your higher self

Learning about Juicing and Detox

Learn how to call for protection and invoke Arc Angels and only pure loving energies

Activate your Light Language aka Soul Language (Higher Dimensional Healing Energies)

Breath Work: Rebirthing and other beginner and more advanced breathing techniques

EFT Tapping: Healing energetic and emotional blocks, and help heal nervous system. 

Past Life Regression, learn how to heal past lives that you have had

Heal through the Akashic Records. (Clearing out imprints of other lifetimes)

Soul Retrievals ( Very powerful shamanic healing to retrieve your own fragments)

Developing better morning routine to help you have much better days

Healing Money Trauma, Financial and Abundance Blocks, opening to abundance in all areas

Learning about plant medicines and the right and safe way to use them when called to it

Activating Kundalini, the important of awakening your life force safely to change your life

How to find your life purpose, and remember who you are

Mastering triggers and shadow work, clearing out negative programs


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