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About Sean Love

Galactic Shaman
Energy Healer 12 Years
Certified Reiki Master
Certified Theta Healing
Cosmic Chaneller Wisdom
Past Life Intuitive Reader
Light Language Activator
Kundalini Activator

Negative Entity Removals
Spiriutal Life Coach

Christ Conscious Teachings
Ceremonies and Retreats

Creating Worlds Most Advanced Healing Center
Abundance Blocks Removal

I truly believe we are all fractals of source. Extensions of the creator choosing to master, evolve, learn, heal, by incarnating in different realities. The age of gurus is gone. Every person has a higher self, the goal of a healer is to help with love and empathy help the person reconnect to their soul and their own inner guidance system.

I also feel we are all our own healers, our bodies are healing and regenerating everyday. Healing energy is something that can be channeled through our being or hands. We all have different spiritual abilities that can activate and open up. We all are intuitive, and with certain work, healing and nutrition we can expand our intuitive gifts and abilities to see visions thru our third eye in meditation. I know we are deeply loved, so much that our bodies, heart works for us every second of every day, the sun comes up everyday, the earth spins correctly in alignment everyday. As we experience trauma sometimes as early as the womb, at birth, childhood, teenage, young adult we can start becoming more bitter, resentful, disillusioned, with ourselves, life, the creator and thru that denser state of vibration we can tend to give up on our dreams, true goals, higher life purposes and missions we came here for. When you add all the programming , conditioning, that is not in alignment with our soul we realize how much real inner work is required to reclaim our truer selves. With all the stress, and also just survival, we can  forget who we truly are, feel not safe in our body, or in the world, not truly living from our heart space.


To shift from years of not attending to our healing, our needs, and true desires requires real commitment and dedication of expanding out of comfort zones, feeling safe to feel into your emotions, heal trauma, re wire your subconscious mind, clear negative energetic attachments, release blocks that are connected to the nervous system and chakras, heal the cords with past lives, inner child healing, healing from any sexual traumas, money trauma, forgiving yourself, your parents, past relationships, release the harsh self judgements and criticism. Releasing self doubt, innate negativity, and skepticism.  Transformation is a deep inner process, where emotional bypass, does not help. Spiritual concepts that avoid shadow work, healing trauma, and facing inner darkness, can lead souls astray in a false comfort zone of feeling spiritual because of mental understanding of concepts. There are many paths to reconnect one to its own higher self, but avoiding truth, and running away, avoiding, is definitely not one of them.

I went from playing basketball, performing music, being in business world, to having a full life collapse in early 20's after losing my mother to cancer, having to overcome depression, meditation saved my life. I started healing myself and opening up spiritual gifts, having mystical experiences, transformed my entire, life and 10 years later never looked back. Meaning I've transformed hundreds of times over, and still till this day continue the healing journey and daily meditation every week as there is always something new to learn or grow into. I create videos, and go on Live every week, have been able to help hundreds of thousands of people for free online, but truly feel this is just the beginning.

To work in a one on one setting or group coaching setting feel free to message me. 

Here are some of healing work  I do:

Meditation and Breathwork Instructor

Teacher of Love, Divine Love, Self Love

Reiki Master

Inner Child Healing

Past life Clearing

Scanning to see which type of negative energies and curses a person has then full clearing

Channeling messages from spirit guides

Light Language Activations, activating a persons soul language that they can speak or sing

Soul retrieval and ancestral lineage healing

Money Blocks and Trauma Healing

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