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Holiday Resort

Healing Centers

In the future we will be creating and building Worlds First Lightworker Healing Retreat Center in nature.

One will be in the Jungle in Mexico. The other will be on a small private island with members that will be able to have a unit to stay there. 

Mexico Healing Retreat Center:   

Advanced Healing Technologies

Spiritual Art Museum and Sculptures in Nature

Plant Medicine Support with Loving Shamans

Volunteer Guardians living there working on missions for Humanity

Self Sustainable Food Grow

Advanced Healing modalities

Worlds First Fibromyalgia Donation Based Specialized Healing 

Sound Healing Technologies

Belize Private Island Healing Retreat:

Private Island in Caribbean Ocean

Establishing own Sub Nation under the Creators Guidance for harmonious living

Future Opportunity to own Share in Private Island Healing Resort

Hosting facility for Spiritual Events

Lightworker Command Center guiding world problem solving solutions


If you would love to volunteer or support in any way, or if you have access to land in nature please reach out to

We will need all types of help in order to create and provide a world changing concept to help introduce healing technologies,  mindfulness, creativity, and motivation in many schools, legalization of plant medicine, world class healing for Fibromyalgia and much more.


Worlds first private island healing retreat center with its own island laws, freedom with a beautiful spiritual community that has ownership in the private island. A team will be created to be able to focus on the creation of this divinely guided mission project.

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